Try outs Today!

Okay, so. I have my senior try outs today for my school. Is there anything that I can do this year to increase my chances at making a spot on the team? I have talked to my coach and let him know I want to be on this team. I have also put in labor hours to help make our team better. Any advise on this is greatly appricated!

Hustle between the lines, pay attention, work hard. All of those things are under your control.

Also, when you meet your coach, introduce yourself by looking him in the eyes, shaking his hand, and telling him your name. Speak clearly, don’t look away, and use a firm handshake.

Thanks for your help!

And if it’s not too late to tell you, I’ve read this from Steven Ellis in a thread similar to this. Make sure that you dress the part. Don’t dress in jeans to practice or anything non-conventional to baseball to undermine the importance of not only “being” ready to play baseball but to be dressed well enough so that your body is comfortable to move around. Plus, this will show that your coach that you are ready to get back into baseball.

Yeah, I have came prepared and ready to play. I wore sweat pants and my schools baseball hat and t-shirt. I asked my coach if this is what I need to wear for tryouts, and he said it’s prefect. So I’m starting on the right foot. Thanks for all your help Leonheart21 and Roger!

update us on how tryouts went

Today we played a game with all the players. There are about for 45 of us. I pitched the fifth and sixth inning in our game. I had three groundouts and the rest were two k’s and a fly out, with NO hits allowed! I used the changeup more often when I was ahead in the count which seemed to work great. The coaches were impressed!


Congratulations on your first pitching outing! It sounds like things went really well!

Another thing coaches look for, in addition to effectiveness, is mound presence. By that I mean working at a good pace. looking like you are unfazed by a hit or pitch outside the strike zone. Do you look confident to the opposing team AND your teammates behind you? Posture, head and chin up at all times, stoic facial expression etc. All these are important. How do you think you measured up in these areas?

If you can give yourself high marks here then you are off to a great start!
If you think you need to work more in this area to improve then make a plan and take it to the mound on your next outing.

My son is a sophmpore pitcher and is going through tryouts this week as well.

Goos Luck!

Hey Chad congratulations! :slight_smile: I’m glad that everything’s looking up so far. Who knows, you could even make starter. But just make sure that you don’t lose the focus and keep it up. Durability is what it takes so make sure that your arm is well kept as well.

basically like everyone elsa have said be on your toes.