TRX new stuff

I posted before and I think this is good for baseball. I will give a couple of links to exercises and what its all about if you had the money would it benefit me do you think?

Video’s of some of the 200+ exercises
The product

This uses the whole body and it could be used to explode. like this video of lunges

Some exercises I found

The forces that it uses.

TRX is all about core all the time. And all the Exercises use the core That’s why I think it might be good for pitchers. Tell me what you think?

The issue isnt whether or not it would work - I’m sure it would be helpful. The issue is that the thing is a ripoff. You could make one (and many people have) with towstraps or chains. Something like the picture below could be made in less than an hour for less than $20.

There are a ton of possibilities. If you want to learn how to make stuff like that, check out this site:

The main reason I like the System is The core is all the time. And this is used by a lot of good athletes.

This is a video of how the TRX works. IT can change height and all different kind of things.

I’m going to see what my Dr.PT say’s about it. Does anyone think it could be used along side a shoulder porgram?

RI, I mentioned this to you before, but this system is good if it is used as a progression from a regular workout program. It’s not necessarily beneficial to just jump into using this stuff.

Instead of the suspended lunges, just do regular lunges. Then do one leg squats with your foot up. Then you can add weight to both of these things. Then maybe, once you master the BASICS, maybe you can progress to the suspended lunge.

Fancy systems are not always better. Top athetes use these things because they’ve mastered the basics and have a sound base of conditioning. Use proper form on your body weight lifts, then add some weight, make things more difficult, then you can move on to the fancy stuff.

I am going to workout for the next 2 weeks hard then start it. If I chose to buy it. This program is good for anyone and you can change the difficulty to make it easier then the hardest to start off.
My Physical Therapy Doc said that it is a great program and would bea good program if you didn’t want to pay a trainer money.
It was every exercises a gym uses and it uses the core with every single one of them. This is going to be the new thing to buy in the up coming years I think.
Gym work uses a couple of sets of mucles at a time. This uses almost all the core with a atomic push up. It is the best thing I have found on the web for baseball training.

It’s tow straps and handles. :roll:

If you want to pay that much for some ten dollar tow straps, be my guest. But calling it the best equipment on the web for training is a load of bull. Stop making sweeping generalizations about things you know absolutely nothing about.

I’m new to this message board, but if I may add my 2 cents… I bought a TRX after a trainer friend of mine was introduced to it by Todd Durkin ( on of the top performance trainers out there. He trains all of his pro athletes (Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, LT, Shawn White etc…)on the TRX. After doing some more research I found out that another trainer, Peter Twist, trains Justin Morneau on the TRX too.

I was still a little skeptical but after buying one (I got the one they sell to the military) and using it for the past few months I can honestly say it worth every penny and more and I now know why these guys are training on it.

First the quality of the product: This thing is built like a tank, and it has many more features than meets the eye. The straps need to be micro adjustable depending on the exercise, the footcradles allow you to do the best core exercises I’ve ever done, it comes with 2 anchoring systems, a DVD, a 12 week training program.

Second, the exercises are really functional and unlike anything I’ve done before. I’ve been big into bodyweight and functional training but the core and rotational exercises are awesome. I also use it to do my stretching and and warm-ups (you can hook it up to a chain link fence).

Bottom line is I’ve spent way more on a set of dumbells and a pull up bar than I did for this and this thing is way more versatile and functional.

I don’t think I could build something of this quality and with all the little features and I still wouldn’t have the programing/instructions etc…

RIstar, you pike this thing so much that I’m beginning to think you’re a shareholder :slight_smile: