TRX navy seals workout/core workout

[quote]all i’m saying is that you should never focus right on the shoulder when there is tons of better things you could do. Like TRx which does the whole body.
I dont think you should just focus on shoulder i don’t even think it’s as important as people say. You dont throw in a chair using just rotator cuff.
That’s why i said the TRx system is perfect for pitcher. [/quote]

And I’m pretty sure that we established that the Tuff Cuff program DOES NOT just focus on the shoulder. So maybe give it a look. There are many efficient ways to build the core, this special system probably isn’t necessary, especially at your age when any new working out is beneficial.

Right now Im doing stabilazation everyday. I do flexibilty and tons of other stuff to make me strong. I go to PT to get my elbow stronger from when i hurt my self 2 years ago and it keeps comeing back. So im at the same place Rocco Baldiel goes to.

I think the TRX would be great for a pitcher trying to balance and use all the stabilzing muscels. I would do the workout im doing now and then add on the TRX if i ever get it.

Tuff Cuff sounds great to me!

That TRX thing looks like an absolute ripoff. It would take me about 10 minutes to make that with some nylon straps, or chains, with PVC pipe for handles. It would probably cost 10-20 bucks for the materials, unless you have them lying around your house like I do.

But hey, if you want to pay $150 for that… :roll:

Im pretty sure it comes with a dvd or booklet with over 300 exersizes that you can do. So you could build it but do you know 300 exersizes to do with it lol.

So the dvd is worth $140 bucks to you?

And at any rate, does having 300 different exercises really matter? You can get into amazing shape with 7 or fewer different exercises (deads, squats, bench, dips, pullups, shoulder press, and pushups). I just find it funny that you are so easily won over by flashy marketing (OMG, navy seals!), yet you try to take potshots at a solid program designed by a former MLB pitcher. Maybe Steven should start making outrageous claims as well…

“TUFFCUFF, approved by Spetznas, Green Berets, and Army Rangers!”

did you read that Drew Brees used it to get back in shape after his labrum surgey and even though he is a football player he is baseball pitcher shape. It is a harder exersize then most regular core exersize because you hold your own weight and gravity to say in one place.

The problem with using programs that professional athletes use is that they are at a much higher level than say, a 14 year old. You can’t just jump right into “high tech” training without a solid base. Most kids want all this fancy equipment when simple bodyweight exercises like push ups and pull ups are all they need at this point.

Everyone makes a big deal about Clemens’ workout program when in reality he is just a phenomenal athlete and completely different than most, so it’s not advised to run 3 miles a day like he does/did.

When we started reading, we did not just jump right into Dickens, I’m pretty sure we read some “Cat in the Hat” first.

Build a base first before using Drew Brees and other top notch athletes as your example. They too had to build a strong base of conditioning before getting into the more complicated stuff.

I just read a book last night called Diamonds by John Davies, Jon Doyle, and Darren Nicholson. I thought it was pretty awesome to say the least.

palo i was not just going to jump in to this or buy this for about another year. I’m working on my core other ways like stabilaztion.

Honestly iI guess people are still looking for the true purpose of your post.

If your core exercises do not require you to stablilize your body, you need to reevaluate what your doing.

And seriously you get get a rock solid core from just lifting, because as you said “you hold your own weight and gravity”. Except with lifting your holding a lot more weight in against gravity. I think it gets the nod than some expensive set of straps and a dvd.

I mirror what KC said, 7 exercises, maybe add a few more that compliment, but you really don’t need much.

The informercials adverstising machines that “do over 50 health club quality exercises” are a joke for an athlete, and really for the average person that has a desire to look like what the people in the informercials look like.

The core exersizes i do work but all im saying is this would make them harder then they are. The exersizes are hard now but it this would be for a athlete that does stabliaztion ands want more of a challenge.
I Never said i was going to by this product did I.
just wanted to show a different way to get core streghn that works.