Truth or Myth?

Easy question.

Is it greatly beneficial to move your hips as fast as possible sideways towards the target. Keywords, as fast as possible.


Increasing speed, under control, with good timing of the rest of the chain, etc., etc. would be required to be able to make productive use of the added momentum built up.


I know this can be a great debat, but how do you increase speed/momentum? If your just using gravity (no pushing), would it be beneficial for a higher leg kick? Thus allowing the hips to slide even further sideways before the foot even begins toward the target. Are there any other ways to increase the speed of the momentum.

Easy question, Hammer, and here’s my complex hack at it:

Yes, it is beneficial to get your front hip going as fast as possible toward home plate, as early in the delivery as you can, given the following conditions:

  1. Your motion should allow you to maintain your original starting posture into foot strike (that is, your motion should not cause unwanted north-south or east-west head movement–your head should move straight toward the plate, parallel to the sloped surface of the mound. Put another way, your early motion should allow you to maintain good dynamic balance into foot-strike.

  2. Your motion should allow you to generate hip/shoulder separation for launching the baseball.

  3. Your physical conditioning needs to be adequate to decelerate in follow-through commensurate with whatever velocity you generate in your delivery.

As long as those conditions are met, I believe there is really no such thing as “too much forward momentum”.

I agree with DM and LA that “getting it going” is beneficial when done within the constraints they described. But what specifically is the benefit?

Possibly the most obvious answer is an increase in the amount of energy created that can be put into the ball to maximize velocity (assuming proper mechanics and timing to ensure efficient transfer of that energy through the body). Another benefit is a longer stride which moves the release point closer to home plate. Probably the most subtle benefit is that it tends to fix timing issues.

Good posts guys, thanks. I understand what your all saying.

I want a little more info on speeding up the momentum though. Are we just using gravity for momentum to lead with the hip? Can we use a higher leg lift to delay the foot going toward the target? Or a slower leg lift? I’m just trying to conjure up a little more discussion on the speed of the momentum. Thanks guys.

Good question. DM has said in the past that it’s gravity. I always had a hard time accepting that pitchers could build the momentum they do from gravity alone since momentum is mostly horizontal and gravity is vertical. So I asked House about this when I saw him over the weekend and his answer was “gravity”. DM wins!

You can lift the knee higher, higher with some counter rotation, or flick it back toward 2B. Anything that keeps the foot off the ground longer will work.

Great stuff. Thanks Roger.

“Anything that keeps the foot off the ground longer will work” .

ding ding ding … we have a winner .

[quote=“Roger”]DM wins![/quote]Well, you know, it was bound to happen at some point!! :clap: