True or false?

if you can bring it 95+ mph
you get a baseball scholarship to a D1 college.

Uh I’d say that is true. Why do you ask?

not neccesarily. Alot of players can throw 95+ in college, and alot can do that in highschool, but they dont get a scholarship because of lack of control. Schools also look at outside factors, such as GRADES and behavioral issues.

True, about 99% of the time, IF you’re seen by the right people (pro scout, assistant college coach, etc.) If you’re throwing 95 in HS, though, you’ll probably get a high draft slot and an attractive offer from an MLB team.

Yeah, 95 in high school and college would be a personal choice for you to make if you want a degree to fall back on.

I ask this because I want to develop a 95 mph fastball to make it easier to get a baseball scholarship,
Im too worried about grades. I currently have a 3.84 gpa
Im a sophomore at 15 years old and I throw low 80s
You guys think im on the right track?

Wow man not to discourage you but, 95 miles per hour in highschool?
Those are the guys we call “freaks of nature”.
Its always good to aim high but from experience extremley high goals can lead to pretty big let downs. Aim lower and work your way up the ladder

Yes. Good for you. You’re on track to throw very hard. Keep up the good work.

you throw 95 and you will be paid until you prove you cannot pitch. keep a careful journal of what you do because if you get from 80’s as a sophomore to 95 out of high school or college, many people can benefit from looking at what you did.

that would be very beneficial and you are right, if you throw the ball over 90 consistently on a gun, you will pitch (or attempt to) way past college. good luck buddy, i hope all your dreams come true.

yeah, thanks you guys for the support.
i really want to play in college D1 and i dont want my parents to pay a single dime.
But im worried if i’ll ever get the attention. because i live in oakland, and i play in a weak league for my high school. It would be rare for someone to see me.
You guys believe the Quote: “If you’re good enough, they’ll find you”?

yanksneeddice-K, there are very few people in college throwing 95+. its not common at all and i hope that was a joke saying alot can throw 95+ in high school. there is really not that many MLB pitchers that consistently throw 95+.

You’re in a super spot! What are you talking about :slight_smile: Keep working hard.

Agreed TD. There are very very few high shool pitchers who sit 95+. If you do, you will have the option to pass on college and go pro. This is a 100% guarantee. There are actually very few big leaguers who sit 95+, especially now that we are leaving the steroid era.

yeah coach ellis,
im going to throw 95 by my senior year. I am commited.
thank you so much coach ellis, ever since using this website, my confidence has gone up.
I thank you so much for this opportunity, I thank you so much.
Coach Ellis you are great.

“I am going to throw 90 by my senior year. I am committed.”

Not to burst your bubble but Tim Lincecum, with his 98 mph fastball didn’t throw 95 his senior year. And he’s on track to becoming one of the best pitcher’s of his generation.

Most baseball players have the genetic capability of throwing 90+ mph. A significant amount probably have genetic potential to throw 95+. After that who knows. There are an infinite number of ways to throw the baseball as Paul Nyman always says. Few of them come close to maximizing your potential. Not to mention your body has to be in condition to throw the baseball at 100% effort.

You can want it all you want, and work your f***n as off, but this does not necessarily mean you will achieve or not achieve the goal. Centerfield is probably one of if not the hardest workers on this site, and he’s in the low 80s right now his senior year.

If theres one thing for you to take away from this it’s that IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING, ANY ROAD WILL TAKE YOU THERE. another Nyman quote (guy’s a genius). Another way of saying, HARD WORK IS NOT ENOUGH. YOU MUST WORK HARD AND WORK SMART.

I wanted it just as bad as you last year. I had no idea what I was doing. I improved only because I was at such a low starting point. Reality is there’s little chance of you getting to 90 mph and even less of you getting to 95 mph if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I floated for nearly a year, spending 2-3 hours every day online. I was misled countless times. I was confused and overwhelmed with conflicting information. These thousands of hours eventually led me to Setpro, the single best source of information for you to maximize your throwing capabilities. I just wish somebody had told me about it a year ago. I can’t imagine how far ahead I would be now.

My point is not to discourage you, but you won’t reach your potential thinking everything is hunky dory and that if you just work hard enough you will reach your goal. If I were you I would at least look into Paul Nyman and Setpro. It’s a long term commitment and investment that will change your life. You must work SMART. This is where setpro comes in.



all i was saying is
i am commited to do whatever it takes to throw 95mph by my senior year.

all I’m saying is set goals you can actually achieve in the short term. First go from 80 to 85. Then focus on getting to 86, 87, etc. You must work in manageable pieces.

All good points guys. Get some short term and long term goals in place.

I understand.