i was on the baseball team for my school in 7th grade and in 8th grade i want to be a pitcher, i also might have to be because 1 pitcher is quitting and another moved, anyways i’m trying to learn a curveball but i can never get forward rotation on the ball. it seems like its coming off my index and middle fingers and rotating sideways. ive looked at many websites showing the motoin but i just cant do it. help please

ps im going to make a video of me pitching so you guys can help me with my mechanics

(back side)


Well like I said, you shoudln’t be as concerned with a curve as a change right now.
But if you’re dead set on throwing it, just get your fingers up on the ball. What you’re doing is keeping your hand on the side of the ball as you throw and that causes the rotation you get. If you can get those fingers up on top when you snap it off you’ll get that downward rotation that causes a 12-6 type break, not your side to side break.

Develope a change up that drops. it will be just as effective as any curve . Maybe even more effective.

I just read your note on wanting to throw a curveball. I’m from the “real old school” of baseball and if you want to throw a simple , good curve ball you may want to try the 1940’s 1050’s knuckle curve ball, it really breaks over and down, and there’s really no strain on the arm. Here’s how:
Hold the ball with a two seam fastball grip, but a little deeper in the hand, Now put your middle finger just above and touching the seam, and curl your pointer finger so the fingernail is resting on the ball. If you throw this pitch like a fastball, you will get movement to the right if your a righthand pitcher and movement to the left for a lefty.
Now, if you use the same grip,and turn your palm in–toward your ear—and snap the wrist down and pull the middle finger in you will get a down breaking curve. The finger action is like shooting a cap gun or dart gun, but your using your middle finger to pull the trigger instead of the pointer finger. A pitcher who pitched in the 30’ 40’ showed me this method in the 1950’s when I was a freshman in High school. This kind of knucklecurve really breaks great when you get it down and it wont hurt your arm. As with any new thing dealing with ‘muscle memory’ start out slow and just try to see the spin on the ball, and gradually pick up the speed, it might take a couple of weeks or so but you’ll get it down with pretty good control. Hey! give it a try see what happens. Hope this helped you.