Trouble throwing select pitches

Here are the pitches I throw currently throw:
4-Seam Fastball
Here are the pitches I can throw:
Here are the pitches I can’t throw:
Two-seam Fastball

For some unknown reason, I can’t throw a curve, slider, or two-seam. Any advice on how to accomplish this?

Keep the fastball, drop the fork, add the two-seam, add any off-speed pitch, and add any breaking pitch you like. Throwing a curveball is harder than it looks. When you throw this pitch, snap your wrist, and hook your arm so that it comes across your body. When you throw a two-seam, try to apply pressure to your pointer finger, and throw it so that the ball stays on your arm side. I don’t know to much about the slider, but I hope my advice helped you.


Use a Splitter over a forkball imo

A two seam fastball is something you should throw. I can see how you can get away with it, but I recommend you throw one. All you do is grip it across the two seams hence the name. Apply pressure with both fingers, let the ball roll off your middle finger, and when you follow through with it, force your pitching thumb to graze your glove hand side thumb. For an off speed pitch, I recommend a circle change up. Make an ok sign with your pitching hand. Place that ok sign across the four seams or the two seams (use whichever one you throw more). Use the same arm speed as the fastbalI. Pronate your hand with the circle change up. In other words, when releasing the circle changeup, make sure the circle you made with your thumb and index finger to face toward the ground. I hope this helped.