Trouble rotating left hip to point toe towards plate

i’ve had an artificial hip implanted in me 3 months ago (i’m 26 years old). And before that ive had not been able to rotate my left hip properly due to a deformed left hip joint (Perthes’ Disease) for the past 13 years. So i am thinking now even though my new artificial hip CAN rotate, my body has forgotten how.

And when i think too much about it, my control goes to the toilet…
So i wanna learn it in a way that i dont need to ever think about it when i pitch. The compensation is starting to strain my right shoulder
anybody got any drills that can help my lower body learn this and tuck it away to muscle memory?

I would say if you just want your body to recognize this, just when ever you can, start from the stretch and pretend like you are going to pitch and concentrate on getting that hip pointed. Once you have the hip pointed though, just hold it then repeat the process again. So you wont be using a ball you will just trying to get your body to recognize that position. This is what I did when I tried to learn to get into a fielding position after my windup was through and it seemed to work for me so.

i’ll try that out … thanks man…