Trouble repeating delivery

i have trouble repeating my delivery exactly everytime

i practise it about 1-2 hours daily…

how do i get it down perfect everytime


its just my leg kick that isnt consistent

its somewhat consistent just is altered slightly each time

Maybe think about it from a timing perspective. Try to establish a rhythm where you do things with the same timing each time.

Try a video cammera, while doing dry machanics in front of a miror.

i can do it everytime in front of a mirror but when i dont look at the mirror it gets messy

im more-less referring to my leg kick

once my leg kick is consistent everything else falls into place everytime

so how can i get my leg kick at the exact same height and movement each time?

My son had the same problem last year, so I started getting him up 1hr. earlier every other day to work his dry machanics in front of the miror, his progress was slow so we started video tapping his work out and then reviewing and taking notes for the next work out. After about 3 three months his muscle memory took over. His dry machanics is still a vary big part of his over all workout. He is 12 and has an average 4 seem of 68mph.


You think to much let the body do what it does naturally and don’t think just lock in the glove and throw ok.


ive already tried that… but when i do that each time is different

so im doing my delivery over and over again infront of a mirror and hopefully eventually muscle memory will kick in and it will be repeatable without thinking about it