Trouble moving away from right handed hitters

I know that i naturally pronate my wrist when I throw, Its made clear by my throws from the outfield. My 2 seam moves down and in, my change up moves in, and my curve is straight down. Whats a good pitch that i can learn pretty easily that will move away from right handed hitters?

you could throw a slider or the mythical gyro(haha)

Well, try to throw a slider or something I guess, I’ve never really had that problem as I pitch sidearm.

^ The Gyro is just a slider that doesn’t slide, no movement at all, it just looks like a slider spin to a batter.

some people say the gyro is nothing. but if you do it right you can make it break its mythical 3 feet(according to Will Carroll). i can throw it with a beach ball or anything bigger but its almost impossible to throw with a baseball plus it kills your arm

Hehem, Dice-K himself and some other Japanese pitchers on ESPN said themselves what it is, a slider with no movement.

How about the cutter? When thrown properly it will only have slight, but late, movement with fastball speed. You can throw it up and away or start it under the hands and have it move over the plate and get a called strike.

Dice-K throws a pronation slider that is very close to the Gyro. The only MLB pitcher that throws the gyro is CJ Wilson.