Trouble at school

So life on the mound is going great, with my sinker at 67-70 mph and my change at about 55. I’m getting groundballs and ks. My trouble is at school. I get straight A’s, but it’s been social. My girlfriend goes to my school, and she’s great. However, someone else in my school paid her $12 to sit next to another person during lunch. Our relationship was going great (We went out a night ago to dinner and a movie), and we made out at a dance last week. What do i do?

I don’t think that she’s a slut

If she takes money for social favors, she is a slut in training. Find a new girl.

But don’t listen to me.

you do have a good point. I don’t know… she really liked me and i really liked her. It would be hard to drop her.

guys, i do understand. Yes, i’m only 7th grade. I should propose. Thanks for your excellent romantic advice. :mad: So, what should i do?

Ask her out on another date. If she proceeds to be a bitch, forget her. If not, ask her on another date. Repeat.

thanks guys