Tricky arm pain again

So I am back with some mild arm pain again. I threw a bullpen before spring break and after my arm felt really tight and sore, it felt fine all of spring break, then came back and was throwing on Monday and right away regular catch just sucked. My arm felt like it was popping in the shoulder area on the side and a little in the back. It did not feel good to warm up, but here is the tricky part. I threw off of a mound without any arm pain.

Next day I threw some light toss, same pain, got onto a mound, no pain. I went in to see the trainers Tuesday after practice, and aside of putting my arm like I am in my pitching motion (elbow level with shoulder, with 90 degrees bent) and anything past 90 degrees into the external rotation feels tight. Yet the only sharp pain that I feel is when throwing a baseball. Even going through the motion sitting doesn’t make it feel bad.

I was told to take Wednesday and Thursday off from throwing, then try throwing again on Friday. I took the two days off, did a lot of stretching, some blackburns to condition the shoulder, and the tightness in the shoulder subsided, yet when I threw today? Same pain, and once I got into the full windup off of the mound, the pain minimalized (yet was still there at points).

Now tomorrow morning (or I guess today since I am up late) I am going back in to get checked out by the athletic trainer. I have already been seen by one of the head trainers there though and he had no idea. He was the one to prescribe rest. Regardless I will let you all know what they say in the following hours. If anybody has an idea of what may be going on here though, that would be nice. It seems to have everyone else stumped.

Oh and by the way, I’ve tested negative for all the tests of anything torn in the arm as well. Nothing aggravates the shoulder during the tests unless I physically throw a baseball.

After seeing the trainer about this, the only thing that he came up with is that there is inflammation in the shoulder, the scapula don’t move with proper mobility, and there is impingement. So the recommendation is just to rest. Throwing on Monday may be iffy…

That’s good you saw the trainer, hopefully the rest will help the inflammation subside.