Tricep Tendonitis

Hey, I was diagnosed with tricep tendonitis 2 weeks ago and the doctor said they best way to get rid of it was 4 weeks of rest. This weekend I have a tournament and my coach knows I can’t pitch but would still like me to hit. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this before and if they have reaggrevate it while swinging. I don’t really want to take this reask because the season starts in 3 weeks so I’ll have a week to try and get my arm to the level it was at before or close to it.

i literally just finished this whole thing like i just got to start long tossing again yesterday so i feel your pain ahah. So yeup i had tricep tendonitous, and i did hit all the way through until i could throw again. Did it slow the rate at which my arm healed? Im not sure but i do know that it did not hurt to swing a bat for those 3 weeks i wasnt allowed to throw.

I have this right now , and I can’t hit without feeling my elbow… I wouldnt take no chances with it really, rest means rest imho…

Saypitcher11, FranDeMan, RodrigueZ,

The worst part of this injury, is that all Dr’s miss-diagnose it!!!
So proper suggestion’s never come from Dr’s to change this destructive mechanic.

None of you guys have triceps tendonitis, this is a fact not just a guess.

All of you supinate (thumb up drives and finishes) your pitches and throws, guaranteed.

This forearm action dictates that you slam the olecranon process into the Humeral fossa causing severe bone crunch at the back of you elbow felt at the top of it, this is why it is always miss-diagnosed and will never really be fixed because the fix is mechanical and not medical. What happens is when you supinate your forearm turns outwards causing Hyper extension ballistic crash of your elbow, this is one of the most common mal-mechanics of all youth pitchers and most older ones. The triceps on you guys does not even fire off to extend your elbow, very strange that the one quickest and most powerful elbow extender is not even used to extend the elbow. When your elbow is getting closer to full range of motion hyper extension your bicep and brachialis muscles on the other side of your upper arm (antagonist muscles) contract to keep this from happening but even they fail in doing so. In their effort to do so many times these muscles end up being torn or attaining tendonitis. This is all caused by forearm flyout and supination.

The fix is to change the way you drive and finish over to pronation (thumb down drives and finishes forearm turned towards the inside) of all your pitches!!!
You will then see this problem disappear and you will get a healthier elbow and much quicker.

This will allow you to then overload train “sport specifically” if you wanted to and attain pitches that move to both sides of home plate giving you a game to both types of batters (lefties and righties) instead of just one.

woahhhhhh so could this possibly affect my forearm too?? every couple months the muscle in my upper forearm that connects to the inside of the elbow gets EXTREMELY tight and i have to go to a massage therapist to get it worked back to normal elasticity. could this also be a side effect of what your explaining?

ive had this speculation of me supinating to much and that being the result of the forearm tightness. Thanks so much man.


Absolutely, and this leads to another miss-diagnosed elbow problem when Dr’s think pain in this area comes from the UCL when Ligaments have no pain receptors but the overlying flexor muscles and tendons do. You have eccentrically overstressed your pronator terres, Flexor Digitorum Profundus muscles near their insertion close to the elbow. This is a supination overstress injury.

Pronate all your pitches even the Cutter, Slider and Curve. Learn a Sinker if you do not have one.

Elasticity? There is no memory (rubber banding) in muscle fiber cells, they are finite length structures that tear if stretched, what she does allows for maximal blood flow that helps in quicker healing.

Sorry about the elasticity I didn’t know how to explain it I meant she works it back to how it normally feels instead of it feeling extremly tight and tense. Thanks for your answers btw it suppliments my speculation