Tricep soreness

Hello everyone,
I’m pretty much pain free on the mound except after ever outing I get some pretty severe soreness that carries into pain the next day in my tricep. Also sometimes bicep but much less. Should I just work on strengthening my tricep or should I be doing some extra warm up/stretch on it pre-throw?

You could do some extra work on strengthening those two muscle groups, but I would recommend that you first have a doctor check them out to make sure that the soreness, especially if it persists into the next day or two, is not more serious. 8)

Alright thanks for the advice. Ill have the athletic trainer at my school check it out.

I don’t see a big problem with the pain that you’ve described. After every one of my outing I experience a little soreness in my shoulder and near my back. There is, however, a difference between soreness/discomfort and pain. If it is just sore after you pitch for a few days, I would tell you its just the result of pitching, which is a irregular motion for the body. If it’s pain, that lasts a week or two, then I would have that checked out by a trainer. Know what your body normally feels after outings and be alert to any new areas that are sore after games.

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