Tricep soreness

my 12yr old has been complaining of soreness in his tricep after pitching. he ices after and it goes away. there is no pain or soreness in his elbow or shoulder area. what could be causing this soreness? I just want to be cautious. the seasons almost over and he’ll be shut down till jan. thank’s for the advice.

Is he throwing more then he normally does. Has he been pitching a lot in his games? If these are true its just overuse. But soreness is a way of your body telling you something could go wrong.

Be careful. :becareful: He has a young arm!

Also. I wouldn’t shut him down completely until Jan.

I’m not an expert, but just from my past I have had tricep soreness in the past. Likely its simply that hes lost strength in his tricep and because of it it gets sore more easily. It could be minor tendonitis. Either way keep icing it and if it gets worse see a doctor. But yeah if you ice it and it goes away, it most likely isn’t too serious, at least thats what my experience has taught me.

I am 14 and recently i had a little bit of soreness in my elbow and i solved it by stretching my triceps a lot before and during throwing and I began doing diamond push ups to strengthen my triceps.

sorry i said elbow and i meant to say triceps

Is the soreness more towards the shoulder or elbow? if its towards the elbow it may be mild tendonitis. or towards the shoulder it may be fatigue/overuse.