What do you guys think of Tribulus? Any of the older guys here ever try it?

Unless you have abnormally low testosterone levels, then there isn’t a real need for it.

How old are you and what is your interest in Tribulus? Higher Libido?

What’s your fat intake like? If it’s low, I suggest you increase the amount of fat you consume, preferably in the form of Monosaturated fats… Almond Butter, Avocados, EVOO…

Any who, I’m not aware of tribulus having an effect on your testosterone levels, although Tribulus Alatus seems promising.

Currently, I am using Tribulus Aquaticus along with terminalia chebula, which do not statistically affect hormone levels, but supposedly works through a different pathway to increase size/strength. Very limited feedback on this, considering it was just released along with another extract, which also has extremely limited feedback… MOA (mechanism of action is not yet known), but has been postulated.