Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer, the Lincecum-esque pitcher for UCLA who wears a faded hat and throws 100 from a crow hop over the mound has quite a few quirky routines. One that caaught my attention is the “javelin” that he uses in between innings. I remember when I was going through pt for my elbow my PT had a similar tool that you coulb hold like a large rod and shake it back and forth. The ends would bend back and forth applying resistance to the arm. Has anyone seen this? Or have one? Heres a link to what it looks like.

Talking with a former pro and someone who works with the Marlins, I’ve seen these used and have used them before. Definitely is a good workout for the shoulder and you can go through pretty much every aspect of your mechanics.

I’ve got a pitcher’s workout for the BodyBlade, if you’re interested. Great product. I’d go with the original.

He is a Wolforth product. The exercises he does in between innings are directly out of the “Combat Pitcher”.

bodyblade! steven you are the best!