Trevor Bauer on Pitch Design

An excellent video from Trevor on pitch design. Loved the curveball section as well as his overlay video at the end.

I saw him give this presentation live. I was hoping he would put it on youtube.

Excellent presentation and information. Trevor is one of the more accessible guys on twitter for answering questions on pitching

Sticky worthy? I think so.

I have a detailed follow-up for those who want more technical and in-depth information on his curveball and pronation:

I’m not used to writing short message board posts but all I can say is;

Bravo!!! Kyle B. at Driveline baseball. This is “state of the art” information and should be absorbed by all pitchers who want to actually avoid injuries, learn to train properly and gain the most effective and efficient force application that will produce their highest genetic ability in velocity married to lateral movement to both sides.

Thanks, Lon. Hope you enjoyed the shoutout.

Great stuff Kyle thanks for sharing


Had I used “inear” at the end would it have been to much?