Treadmill Running

Is it too stressful on your knees to run on the treadmill every day? I sometimes do the treadmill (15-20 minutes) AND the stationary bike. Should I keep doing both or should I just pick one? Can you suggest a sprinting workout?

A treadmill is better on your knees as opposed to road running (tar/concrete) because the road will not “give in” when you land and a treadmill will TO AN EXTENT. Ideally, I would look to run outdoors when possible on a football, soccer field or any large grass surface that is mowed and manicured. As far as running and biking, they both give you cardio and the bike is easier on your knees. I would look at an eliptical machine. I use that daily in college and like the results. It also is more of a full body workout but doesnt leave me to tired to lift hard as well. If you live somewhere where you can not run outside, I would do my sprints inside and maybe 2 days of distance running on a treadmill and then would alternate with the eliptical.Although sprinting can also be done on a treadmill if you wish. That should give you good results and not wear your body down to much. Here is a basic sprinting routine we use in the early fall.

10X 8sec. sprints (100% effort outdoors or 16mph on treadmill)
8X 16sec. sprints (75% effort or 13mph on treadmill)

hope this helps.

IMO a true sprint on a treadmill is terrifying, if not impossible. :lol:

cranking that treadmill up to 15mph brings the whole thing of “I need to run super fast or else im going to die” into play. The adrenal glands start doing overtime, quite possibly triple time.

Not the best example but …

I am currently working with a personal trainer to get ready for my minor league season and he told me I should never run on a treadmill because it completly counteracts what you are trying to do.

He told me when you are running on the ground, your foot hits the ground and pushes off to propel your body forward whereas when you are running on a treadmill the belt is already moving backward and there is no momentum being generated and you are just playing catchup. I now run outside, and being in Indiana it really can suck!!

hope this helps!


[quote=“jpeavy44”]Not the best example but …