Travis pitching w/ Tendonitis :-(

ok so im makin this for the first time and am goin to update regularly

4 sm
i was throwing it with no pain so its good

2 sm
throwing it with little pain to no pain

wasnt thrown that great but no pain

only spun maybe 5 but brought up some pain

i pitched probly aroun 50 pitches but i stop when i star feeling iritation

Not your typical log but this is how i choose to do it :slight_smile:

i went to the physical therapist doctor and they gave me exercises to so i do them and get curious go out and pitch throw about (TWENTY) curve balls in a row nothin and some other pitches and just feelin fine so idk jesus workouts or what

What were the workouts that they had you do?

um i had to do forearm curls bicep curls triceps exercises

Arenโ€™t you supposed to shut down your arm while recovering from tendinitis?