Travis Ganley. The Real Deal

Yesterday i threw about 5 practice innings with warm ups included i threw about 150-200 throws I only walked 2 and my best pitch by far was my 2 sm and knuckle-curve. Was sort of spotty with my 4 sm. But my Circle change couldnt spot at all and i decided that my 3 were good enough to keep and i wanted to work to get them better and so i dropped my change and may pick up another after i develop the pitches i have the curve is an off speed breaking ball perfec with lots of late movement .

4 sm- could locate 60% of time
2 sm- could locate 90% of time
KnCv- could locate 95% of time
Circh- could locate 25 % of time

Have physical therapy in the morning tomorrow and practice tomorrow evening will update

I change is really important to almost every pitcher, I think. The circle change doesn’t work for me either, so I played around with grips until I found one I’m comfortable with. I like to setup a K by throwing a change outside for a ball and the following fastball/cutter just seems so much faster.

Don’t give up on a pitched because you couldn’t locate it one day. If we all did that then we wouldn’t have any pitches at all :wink:

I dont feel comfortable using it and i would like to get my main pitches better anyways then find my way to a change and thanks for the response open for help and discussions. :slight_smile: anyone wanna post how they throw ther change

so far today i have had my phsyical therapy and i had ultra sound for the first time and it really helped my elbow and for the first time my therapist looked at my mechanics and my elbow was like straight and like sling shotting putting pressure on my elbow instead of throwing at the 90 dgree arm slot so i got exercises to work on that and i have been icing it because i have baseball practice tonight

Yesterday i had baseball practice. Right out of the gate i started throwing and my arm strted hurting so i was really done throwing until tuesday