Travel to strong competition


I am from Canberra Australia where for the last 4 years I have been assisting in coaching the Vikings junior baseball team which is now competing in the local district Under 14 league. The Vikings are an extremely strong team and are leading the competition undefeated after 8 games. In fact 8 of the team have played together since 9 year olds have only lost a handful of games in 4 years.

We have a totally dedicated team coach who has developed game skills along with throwing mechanics and great character into the boys.

The coach has total committment to the boys well being and has brought any of 8 boys from a squad of 12 who could stand on the mound and win games for us. We also have anyone of 4 boys who could catch a game.

The coach’s main mantra is “you can never have enough pitchers” and has spent much of the last 4 years developing them. In season we train 3 evenings each week with 1 evening dedicated to pitching and catching for boys who wish to attend.

In all that time non of the boys have thrown to a radar gun, the coach believes velocity will develop relative to a boys mechanical skills and has he matures with age.

Rarely do any of our pitchers throw more than 40 in any one game, we actually play 7 innings games or 2 hours and usually need 2 or 3 pitchers.

Because we have such a well balanced and skilled team we find it frustrating that we are rarely playing close games that put the team under constant pressure.

To test the team we send out invitations to stronger teams from other bigger cities where stronger competition is played so we can compete in friendly games.

After reading a post by “Bandit” in this forum I visited the website and noticed they have a U13 Elite team which is preparing to travel to competition.

My question is, could Bandit or someone else clue me up to how competitions are organized for teams that travel.

Who organizes the competitions?
How many games are played and when?
Are the games in off season?
How do the teams travel?
Any information would be most appreciated.



Good to have you on board, Bill. Take advantage of the PM feature on this forum. It’s located on the top menu bar. It allows forum members to e-mail one another without revealing anyone’s e-mail (for privacy purposes). Say, for example, you wanted to PM me. Simply enter Steven Ellis in the “to” category and ask away. You may have better luck this way at getting a response to your specific question for “Bandit.”

Does Australia have any athletic unions or organizations?
For instance in the US we have AAU and USAAA. There are many baseball tournaments across the country every weekend sponsored by those two organizations and others.

Also I played in multiple tournaments organized and sponsored by teams much like yours. They vary in quality, both facilities and competition, but can prove to be worth while.

Also I liked your idea of friendly games. Where I live there is a multitude of travel teams, and often leagues allstar teams play against them in “friendly games” they usually go very well.