Trap bar deadlift vs conventional barbell deadlift

In my offseason, I currently do deadlifts along with a number of other different barbell based lifts. I was wondering if the trap bar deadlift could be incorporated into my deadlift routine. I heard that it works the quads and some have used it to work on speeding up from the bottom of the lift. Any thoughts on your experience with the trap bar? Thanks

The Trap Bar Deadlift is a good exercise. It actually takes a lot of strain off of the lower back. Give Trap Bar High Pulls a try!

If you’re looking to incorporate different variations of deadlifts I recommend the Sumo Deadlift, you can almost think of it as a medium between the conventional deadlift and the trap bar deadlift, incorporates lots of the quad, glutes and hamstrings while taking some strain off the lower back, great alternative for the conventional deadlift on days where the lower back might be an issue.

got it thanks for the help and finally any thoughts on which squat I should be doing, low bar or high bar back squat. Also front squat too?

high bar, safer that way. Low bar incorporates too much of the back, you want your legs and core doing the work. The front squat is good in quadricep development as well as core development however the use of the core and arms in general will limit the amount of weight you’re squatting thus leading you to not training your legs as efficiently as possible, stick with the high bar back squat, nothing fancy and throw in some front squats now and then to change it up. Stay away from low bar for now and stick to the deadlift for back development.

when would you incorporate the low bar if at all

well i in general would not use the low bar squat, the low bar squat uses too much of the posterior chain, glutes/hamstrings, while this may seem like a good thing, i’d rather focus on posterior chain development through the use of deadlifts and power cleans, which your recovery from will be hampered by also performing heavy posterior loading movements such as the low bar squat. In general i’d rather be able to load the posterior with the deadlift and then load the anterior with the squat allowing me to work to full capacity with each exercise while still maintaining a good amount of recovery. not saying this can’t be done effectively but most people don’t have a good enough recovery protocol to be able to hit the posterior heavily twice a rotation unless they’re bringing down the intensity, in which case there’s no point to lifting.

I’d suggest staying away from the low bar and sticking to the highbar/front squat + Deadlift rotation. The lowbar also places a lot of pressure on the shoulder and unless you have the range of motion and stability required to absorb this kind of pressure, well…