Transitioning into season play?

Mike, this is a question for you? I’ve been thinking about buying one of your programs using paypal, but I would like to know what sort of exercises you include in your fullbody workouts. As in, do you do squats and deads on the same day, or seperate them out. And, in your experience, based on the amount of sets your program requires, how long does your workout usually last? Also, if anyone else has a full body routine that they do, post it. It would be greatly appreciated.

Also, what are your thoughts on leg presses? Do you ever do them during the season, or no? Thanks,


I don’t do leg press. I believe in ground based free weight exercises.

I don’t like workouts that take a long time. I want you to get in the weight room and push yourself to the max for a shorter amount of time, then get some rest.

During the full body workouts I usually have two lower body exercises. Usually different variations of lunges and squats.
On my website I have pictures of a lot of the exercises that I have on the program. Take a look and if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to email me. has thousands of articles, and the site is organized…it’s not simply a bodybuilding site it has many sport specific training guides

haha, yes, I visit daily… What are your thoughts on continuing to do pull/push/legs, or just do pull, push/legs inseason? Also, has anyone tried Scivation Xtend, I think it’s a great alternative to drinking gatorade while working out, and will use it as my fuel source when the season starts.

Mike, My workouts last 45-50 minutes, sometime 55 minutes. But most of the time, 45-50.

I’m also doing front squats now. I put them in on back day. I use a product called sting ray-displaces weight evenly, and takes pressure off the shoulder. Great product. Finding good results so far, the exercise really hits the abdominal area. I’ve also began doing sprints again, and I seem to have more power out the block. It’s quite cool, hopefully the hard work continues to pay off. Not to mention my grip is much better now when doing deadlifts. Also, I threw yesterday for a little bit, and felt I had more snap in the ball-batting cage, but threw none the less. I need to get a video on here of me pitching; I will try next month to post one. Need a videocamera, but I’m sure I’ll be able to borrow one from somebody.