Transitioning from Bullpens to Game Time

Alright, for some reason when I’m with my pitching coach or in the back yard with my dad I throw hard. But when I take the mound in a game, it seems like my velocity drops a lot for some reason. Has anyone had a similar situation? What do you think the problem is? Let me know if you need any more specific information.

Two Words:

You’re Nervous

You may not feel like it but subconciously your brain is telly you “Don’t screw up, Don’t screw up, Don’t screw up!” and it is completely natural, it happens to everyone.

The best thing to do is before you go out, close your eyes,clear your mind, and relax…also what I do to clam me down is I take a deep breath before every pitch.

Back in LL I would be so nervous I would basically lob the ball, my catcher told me a few jokes, I calmed down, and I pitched a scoreless game.

I agree. Sound like you area little nervous. Just gotta get over it and throw like you do in the bullpen. If it’s your home field. I’d recommend throwing a few pitches so you know how it feels on the exact same mound to throw hard. Then just do the same thing in a game. Focus only on the catchers mitt. And try to loosen up out there. Have fun. Throw confidently

Thanks for the input guys. I’ve never really been the type to be nervous on the mound, but there’s a good chance it could be that.