Transitioning from 44ft to 50ft mound

Our team is moving from 10U, 44ft pitching to 11U, 50ft. We have about 2.5 weeks to make the switch before the next tournament. I’d appreciate any advice some of you seasoned coaches have for getting the pitchers up to speed.

Right now the kids have a hard time finding the strike zone at 50ft. What makes sense in terms of a practice schedule for the pitchers?

As part of your warm up routine have them start at 50 ft. with warm up tosses and work your way back toward second base making sure they maintain their good mechanics. Go as far back as each individual can while maintaining their personal mechanics. Have them work their way back toward the mound and 50 ft. Intensify their throws as they return. Throw your bullpen practice session and let them focus on the top of the strike zone at first. Once they get used to the distance, they should be able to make the adjustment pretty easily and be making things happen just like they did at 44 ft.

That’s some solid advice and a great plan

Dino, thanks for the input. That gives us something to start up with.

There is a thread following this one that asks "How often should they practice pitching and how many pitches per practice?"
We have 2 weeks left before the the next game and I’d like to be as efficient as possible without overworking the pitchers.


Excellent advice about backing the pitchers up. Errors magnify with distance. If you can dial in for 55 feet, then you will certainly be more accurate at 50.

When my son was in his second and final year at 46 feet, I pushed him back to 55 for his side sessions. When he moved to 50 he had some serious pop and improved accuracy.

He just played in his final summer of 50 and I moved him to 60 for fall ball side sessions. Over the winter he’ll be throwing at 62 even though he’ll think he’s throwing at 60 :wink:

Not to mention he’ll think he’s throwing harder in the spring when he drops to 60. A little confidence boost hurts no one, in my opinion.