Transfering to a Different College

How would i go about contacting a D3 or D2 coach about playing for their school next spring? I already play college baseball and am a freshman. Also is there anyway to do this during the spring season without my coach finding out and getting pissed at me?

Better check out NCAA rules before you decide. If you are in an NCAA school (I believe DI, II or III), if you transfer, you have to sit out a year. Not exactly sure of all the rules, but you better look into it before you make the move.

If you’re transferring down you don’t lose a year. You only sit out if it is DI to DI.

If you’re really bent on transferring your coach will understand. Some coaches hold grudges but usually that only comes into play if they have money invested in you and you’re backing out.

If your reason for leaving is the baseball program he might get ticked off.

Ultimately you go to college for the education and if your school isn’t the right fit you should be able to leave.

i want to transfer to a bigger school. my current school only has about 600 students and i want to go somewhere with at least 1000. I also want to go to a school that has what i really want to major in, my current school doesnt have that.

If that’s the case then any coach worth playing for would understand wanting to go to a school that offers your desired major. After all you are the one paying for your education.