Transfering NAIA to D1


Does anyone know if you have to sit out a year when coming from NAIA or if you are eligible right away? Its 4 year to 4 year but NAIA doesn’t have the strict rules like NCAA


Also, my school is closing and not offering baseball anymore. Would they make an exception.


Can try that link to see if it helps.
I would start by talking to a counselor at your current school ASAP.


Thanks. I read the rule book, but its still confusing. It mentions an exception for closing schools/Sport programs that you may be eligible, but it also mentions for baseball, football, basketball, and ice hockey that exceptions don’t apply. Its confusing. Talking to my coach tomorrow.


Yeah, I read through part of it and my eyes started to cross.
I would talk to the coach and a counselor as well if need be to bet some clarification.


This guy seems to be a good resource. They have a phone number on the website.

Good luck,



He has the perfect article, but it costs a subscription to read…


I found this link. Explains it very well. From my understanding I’m eligible to play right away.


Makes sense, just make sure the process is all done correctly.
Make sure the transfer request is approved by the current school ect.
Have you found a school to go to?


NAIA to NCAA DI you are not forced to sit out.


Okay thank you! No, I haven’t. I was just trying to make sure before I attempted. I didn’t want to waste my time. I’ll be contacting a lot of schools here shortly.


My dad is athletic director at a D3 college in the Midwest. I asked him about transferring and he said you won’t lose a year. Good luck!


Thank you!