I am a DII baseball player and considering transferring for various reasons, do I have to get my coaches consent to talk to other college coaches?

If I remember correctly no, but it would be courteous to let your coach know. In order to transfer to another school you must receive a release from the coach/athletic department.

I’m not sure about permission or anything, but I do know that you will be red-shirted your next season for your new college. That means you will not be able to play the upcoming season for any sport there.

There is alot of confusion regarding the NCAA transfer rules, so much so that the NCAA issues a 33 page transfer guide. Get the guide. Then call the NCAA for a definitive answer to your question.

For instance, generally if you are enrolled full time in a four year school which is a member of the NCAA or NAIA…and you want to transfer to another NCAA school to play…then you need to get written permission from your current Athletic Director to talk to the Athletics Department at the school you want to transfer to. Even your parents can’t make the contact until this permission-to-contact letter is provided to you. The reason it is commonly thought that you have to ask your coach for permission is that you don’t want the Athletic Director to be having lunch with your coach and mention “Hey why is so and so transfering out of the program?” It’s just not cool.

The basic rule with a four year transfer student is that you have to sit out a year before you can participate. It’s called spending an academic year in residence. BUT There is one exception for DII transfers: If you are in good academic standing with the first school, are considered eligible if you had stayed at the first school and obtain a written release agreement from the first school saying that it doesn’t object to you getting the exception. You can then be immediately eligible to play at the new school. Unless you are transferring to a DI Baseball Program from a DII…if that’s the case then you sit it out one year.

As I said, there are too many variables to post here…get the guide.