Transfer Student

Hey i’ve got a situation that i’m looking for help on. I’m a transfer student in a situation that i doubt many have been in. i arrived at my school excited to play baseball and get a good education. i’m a freshman this year in my first semester. i ran into problems however, when i realized the school wouldn’t work, and decided to transfer. i contacted the coach and got taken off the roster, so as not to violate ncaa eligibility rules in the case of a transfer, and am now headed to a division 2 school closer to home. problem is, i don’t get there til next semester. they’re holding a spot for me on the team, and i look forward to it, but how do i prepare myself now? without playing fall ball as i have no place to do it. should i just go directly to the weight room? start my complete offseason now? and also, how do i establish a connection with the team at the school i’m transferring to? i know spending a fall together playing and lifting creates the type of bond that aids team chemistry, and i want to be a part of that. but there’s no form of contact between me and the team. any thoughts?

WHOA THERE, NELLIE! Slow down and let’s take this a step at a time.
As I understand it, you’re in limbo at the moment. You transferred in midsemester, as it were, and now you’re champing at the bit to get into shape for the next semester when you can hook up with your new team. Well, there are some things you can do in the meantime, and the first suggestion I can make is—DO A LOT OF THROWING. Every day. Play catch, 20 to 30 minutes, with a catcher if you can find one, otherwise mark off a strike zone on a wall and throw to it. Mark off the different sections of said strike zone and throw high, low, inside, outside, work the corners. Go to the gym and work on getting into shape—make use of the machines. And if you can locate a really good pitching coach—perhaps a professional—ask him if he will work with you to solidify various aspects of your pitching, help with your mechanics, and perhaps supervise some bullpen sessions (again, with a catcher) where he can watch you throw and see what you’re doing and what problems may need to be addressed. You should be in good shape for the start of the next season. Good luck! 8)

Work out on your own and even try and find someone on the team at the school you’re currently at who wants some extra work in.

Get the programs that your new school is on and doing now and start doing them. Be in constant contact with your new HC and PC and ask then their thoughts on what they want you doing to make sure you’re in the best possible shape to show up and compete for innings.

As far as team bonding… That’s tough. I transfered in once in the Spring semester like yourself and I did my best to fit in right away I worked hard on the field and in the gym to earn the team’s respect, show you can play and be an impact guy and you’ll be alright. Also some team activities off the field always help with fitting in

Depending how far away you are from your new school if you can manage go there every so often on weekends to see the Coach and the team.