Training tips (mechanics)

Hey everyone, i live in Brooklyn, so many people (such as myself) don’t have a lot of room in my backyard, and the local parks are usually filled with people crowding the baseball fields with their kids. I’d like to hear from other people living in crowded areas on how they keep their mechanics in shape. Anything you can do in an urban area that you can’t in a 10 acre field?

I found that going to a schoolyard and taping a measured strikezone against a brick wall and pitching from regulation distance works quite well when you can only work out alone. The benefit is that you can see where you are hitting against the zone, and for us lazy folk, the ball comes right back without having to go running.

Anyways, any comments?

With your fastball velocity, aren’t you busting the bricks in the wall?

Lol, i wish i was. That would be very cool. But no, its a pretty stable school which celebrated its 80th anniversary last year. So its pretty sound. And surprisingly the ball keeps its shape as well. It could be the 20 million coats of paint on the wall too however, seeing as they never scrape off the old coat before the new one :smiley: