Training throwing hard, the gas

How do people feel about this routine. currently the 9u team I am working with is warming up good then we go through our whole team. first 5 pitches is the form pitching. trying to get our form right, stepping to the mit and using full arm motion. The next 30 are full speed while trying to also maintain control. then we are done.We have been pitching 2 days in a row then a day off then back for another day and 35 more then off another day. We are mainly concerned with arm health and feel it is working good right now. I am having trouble with some guys short arming (infield throw) and am working to get full arm throw. We are all in the mid 40’s on speed. 2 in the low 40’s and 2 upper 40’s. We feel good about the arm health right now. anyone got any advice?

Don’t worry about the guys who are using the short-arm delivery. Many major league pitchers use it, and a few use both the long-arm and the short-arm deliveries—it’s a matter of preference, and if they’re getting the ball over and throwing strikes that’s just fine. 8)