Training Log

I decided to make a training log to track my progress and hopefully get workout tips from some of the people on this board.
I am gonig to use kc’s advice to increase my overall strength and do just the 3 main lifts for the first couple of weeks.

I tried out kc’s methods and had a very good workout.
I found out my max is 275 in sqauts a 310 deadlift and a 145 bench.

SQUAT- 225, 245, 275, 225X2, 235X2
BENCH- 135, 140, 145, 135
DEADLIFT-225, 275, 295, 310, 275X2, 285X2

Today I am going to do a core and shoulder workout and tomorrow do Deads, bench and squat at 3 sets of 4

your going to want to have at leats a day in between those lifts, throw in some more explosive movements

I believe KC had recommended just doing those 3 lifts for a couple weeks at maximal intensity to increase maximal strength output.

Generally one will off of maximal training after a few weeks, as you will gain quickly but plateau.

That will be when you get back to a regular program and throw in all the lifts for solid muscular balance.

Oh im sorry I didnt know that

No problem sidearmer. It does seem odd when you first see it in writing, but it does work. Basically, whenever you go over 6 reps in a set, you are damaging your max strength gains (in favor of strength endurance). This is why a powerlifter or olympic lifter will rarely go over 3 or 4 reps in a set, but they will do sets intermittently throughout the day. I believe I read that the Bulgarian powerlifting team would bench 8 times a week (I think that was in Pavel’s book).

From the powerlifter style workout, it would not be difficult to transition into the more explosive style workouts that would benefit a pitching specific strength. Maximal power, as I understand it, is the ability to generate the max amount of tension in the muscle for the movement. The problem with max power is that it takes time to fully apply it. For example, I bench one 75 pound dumbell, but it would be much harder to apply the same force in throwing 75 pounds. That would be the differing factors in explosive versus maximal strengths. The shorter amount of time, the less tension you can apply, and vice-versa.

So, explosive strength training is telling the body to produce as much tension and power as possible in a split second, which would be where baseball falls.

(I didnt intend to write so much when I started… :oops: )
P.S. Those are good numbers Khut, especially on the deads. Keep us updated :smiley:

Yesterday I was back at the gym and did squats for 4 reps of 225 and 235, benched 4 reps of 125 and 130, and deadlifted 4 reps for 245 and 265lbs.

My workout today looked like this
close grip bench 3x10
curls 3x10
reverse curls 3x8
wrist curls 3x8
tri ext 3x8
reverse wrist curls 3x8

tomorrow (sunday) Im schuduled to do my three lifts Deads, Squats, Bench at 3 sets of 4 but have hockey practise and was thinking of dropping it to tuesday because I have hockey games on Monday and Wedensday. Or I might just do the lifts after hockey practise I havent decided if my legs could take all that.

Sorry I dont mean to intrude on your log but could you or KC please explain this workout sets,reps,etc and how long it should be done, my season starts febuary 28th, I am very interested in giving this a try. Thanx

Here is the original thread where the discussion started - link

I’ll restate the disclaimer: this is not a pitcher-specific workout, it’s for maximal strength improvement. This is based on tons of research done by olympic and powerlifting programs. If you want something to improve functional pitching strength, I have 2 fullbody programs posted in this subforum. Try them out and tailor it towards your personality.

I have tried to stick to KC’s workout idea but have found it very difficult to follow and schedule between all the hockey Ive been playing latley. So I was thinking of changing programs and wondered what you guys think of this.
Ive adjusted a program that I found on

It’s a 12week program weeks 1-2 are split A and 3-4 are split B then 5-6 split A etc.

Monady split A

Squat - 3 reps x5
Front Squat - 10 reps x2
SLDL - 8 reps x2
Leg Curl - 8 reps x2
Calf Raises - 12 reps x2

Tuesday Split A

Bench Press - 3 reps x5
CG Bench Press - 8 reps x2
Skull Crushers - 8 reps x2
Incline DB Bench – 8 reps x3
Tri Ext or Tri Pressdowns - 10 reps x2

Thursday Split A

Steven Ellis 5lb Shoulder program 15 x 3
Bent Over Rows - 6 reps x2
Lat Pulldowns - 10 reps x2
Wrist roller – 8 reps x2
Hammer curls – 8 reps x2
Curls - 8 reps x2

Friday Split A

Deadlift - 3 reps x5
Good Morning - 8 reps x2
Shrugs - 12 reps x2
Hanging Leg Raises - 12 reps x2
Med Ball Core exersises
Side Plank x2
Plank x2

Monday Split B

Low Box Squat - 3 reps x5
Leg Press - 10 reps x2
Lunges - 8 reps x2
Power Clean - 5 reps x3

Tuesday Split B

Board Press - 3 reps x5
DB Bench Press - 8 reps x2
Weighted Dips - 8 reps x2
Reverse Grip Tri-Press downs - 10 reps x2

Thursday Split B

Concentration Curls – 8 reps x2
Steven Ellis 5lb shoulder program 15 x 3
Cable Rows (pulls to mid back) - 10 reps x2
RV Wrist Curls – 8 reps x2
Wrist Curls – 8 reps x2
RV Curls – 8 reps x2
Weighted Pull-ups - 6 reps x2

Friday Split B

Deadlift - 5 reps x3
Back Extension Machine - 10 reps x2
Power Shrugs (DB) - 10 reps x2
Rack Pulls – 3 reps x2
Med Ball Core Workout x2
Side Plank x2
Plank x2
Weighted Crunches - 12 reps x2

Any changes or adjustments I should make before I start this?

so what do you guys think? is it good? bad ? anything I should change before I start?