Training Log

Well Ive decided to post my training log (since all the cool kids are doing it :slight_smile: ) to get some advice and some help to reach my goal of throwing in the mid 80s by next season heres what I did Yesterday

Wedensday-Lower Body(sets x reps)
Squats 5x3
Box Squat 2x10
leg press 3x5
Lunge 3x8
leg curls 3x8
back extentions 3x12 with 25lb weight
30left side crunchies
30right side
1 set of plank and side plank
leg lifts
ab machine(sorry dont know what its called but you sit in a chair with your knees bent at 135degrees and bend over with a bar against your chest)

Nutririon- 4 Wafles, 6 glasses of milk, protien bar, 1/4lb of shrimp on whole wheat bread, 2bp and banana sandwitches and whole wheat, 2hamburgers, 2yougert granola bars

I’m not sure if you can, but try and get alot of chicken breast like I’m trying to do. Its the healthiest protein food around…I think lol.

These are not all of them, but here’s some.

Good Sources of Protein:

Boneless skinless chicken breast
Lean Beef
Milk (aim for about 1/2 gallon a day, or more). If you’re lactose intolerant like myself, get some lactaid milk, or buy lactase enzymes.
Pork (lean ones, you can find ones that have little to no fat on them, although, I’m not a big fan of pork).
Egg Whites
Barilla plus

I try and eat lots of Peanut butter as well, It’s pretty good for protien. and maybe some yougert, Tuna is good and easy and just having a sandwhich has more protien than some peope realize

I did some upper body yesterday and am taking today off to rest and do some throwing

Bench Press 10,6,10
db bench press on swiss ball 2x12
lat pulldowns 3x12
cable row 3x12
bicept curls 3x10
tri ext 2x10
tri pressdown 3x10
shrugs 2x10

tomorow is the last day if summer so I went with the full body workout today and it went pretty good, heres what I did.

Power Clean 5x3
deadlift 3x3
sl deadlift 3x3
squats (light wieght)2x8
bench 5x5
lat pulldown 4x8
cable row 4x8

I ate 2bowls of cherieos, 2 ham sandwitches, yougert, protien bar, slurpiee, chicken, 3 potateos, peas,a gatorade and a litre of milk

Im thinking off dropping all bicept and tricept excersises because if they arent used in the throwing motion wouldnt developing muscle there and make your arms heavier slow your arm speed down? or does it not make a difference and they should still be worked? any thoughts

You shouldn’t be getting bulky in any area of your body. That aside, I personally think that it would not be smart to completely drop a muscle group from your training. Performing at your best has a lot of correlation with having muscular balance. If you have a strong core with no upper arm strength, you could certainly experience problems.

Try hitting the biceps and triceps as parts of compound exercises. For triceps: weighted dips and close grip bench. For biceps: pullups, or mix in some lat pulldowns with palms facing you (narrow grip too).

There are probably tons of other way to incorporate those muscles into other compound moves. It will make the workout go much quicker too.

todays workout
Squats (155,165,185,185,195)x5
lunges 115lb 2x10
leg press 2x10
leg curls 8x3
calf rasies 3x12
I was wondering what everyone feels like the day after a workout. When I wake up the next morning I’m never stiff or sore even though I push myself as hard as I can the day before. Is this normal, or should I be lifting more to feel it the next day? whats strange is that the last 3 weeks it has been very hard to increase my weight and the improvements have been minimal

Honestly for me a lot depends on if I ate decent.

I usually only wake up sore in the hami’s and groin area (I do a fairly deep squat, not quite olympic but definately past parallel). Even then I’m not really sore, just kinda stiff until I’m up for a while.

I have noticed on days where I went somewhere and ate poorly I am significantly more sore on the next day.

But yeah, I go as hard as I can, and really do not get very sore. I don’t know if this correlates but I generally heal fast from injuries as well.
However my gains have not slowed down really, I have been able to put more weight on the bar every week. Maybe your body needs a change of pace, try some different things to shock your muscles a little bit more.
I’ve read partials at the END of your sets after you have completed the regular sets can help get out of plateaus.

I’ve read partials at the END of your sets after you have completed the regular sets can help get out of plateaus.[/quote]

What do you mean by partials? what should I be doing?

also I need some exersises that work the hammys, any ideas?

Stiff leg deadlifts.

upper body

Bench 5,4,3,2,1
lat pulldown 2x12
rg lat pulldowns 2x12
cable row 2x12
wide grip cable row 2x12
shrungs 2x8
tri pressdown 3x12
1 set of 21’s for bicepts
wrist curls 2x12
db bench 2x12
pec deck 2x10
back ext 2x15

Ive been buzy with hockey latley so I havent been able to go to the gym as much (I scored 4goals in a 6-4 win :smiley: yesterday ) id like but I managed to fit in a workout today. Heres what I did

bench 8,10,3,8
curls 3x12
lat pulldowns 8,12
RG lat pulldowns 8,12
tri ext 2x10
tri pressdown 12,10,12
shrugs on smith press 3x12
wrist curls 3x12
cable row 8,12

good job that your playin another sport, great way to stay in shape

Hockey (and skating in general) builds strong leg muscles.

Cross training is a good way to stay in peak form for baseball. Dont sweat it :smiley:

I had a hockey game yesterday and 2 on the week end so I got a chance to hit the gym and heres what I did
Lunges 4x10
leg curls/ext 2x10
bench 3,5,3,5
smith press 2x8
db bench press 2x10
swiss ball bd bench 2x10
calf rasies 3x12
lat pulldown 3x8
cable row 3x8
skull crushers 2x8
back ext 3x12
shrugs 8,10,12
tri ext 2x10
tri pressdown 2x10
curl 10
set of 21’s
wrist curls 2x8

BTW im still wondering what Partials are if anyone wants to help me out.

Instead of using full range of motion, you use a partial range of motion to perform the lift. Hope that makes sense.

Generally you’ll want to explode on each lift.