Training in Chemistry Class?

Im a Sophmore in HS and am 5’6" 125 lbs. I would like to get stronger for the coming season. I have a realativly intense off season work out program (easy days 30-50min of excercise, hard days 90 min of excercise) that I am goning to start once fall ball gets over (End of October).

I was wondering if there were things I could that are not distracting to me or anyone else in school. For example for a while I brought a tennis ball into chemistry and squeezed it to strengthen my grip(hands and forearm). This was ok because it did not distract me or anyone else. Does anyone know of anything else that I can do discreatly in school.

Thanks !!

lol i used to do toe raises in my desk to strengthen my calves sometimes

I just used to do grip strengthening as well, but I did it with a raquetball. A lot of my classmated used to chuckle at me or wonder what I was doing but thats OK :lol:

The toe raises are a good idea I never tried that…maybe I need to in my next lecture :slight_smile: