Training Baseballs

Any info would be great.
My oldest boy is a high school pitcher. Want to know if anyone uses or recomends using the weighted training baseballs. Yellow 10 oz and black 12 oz. And if so what is the correct way to use them.


For underload/overload training, use the heaviest ball first, then progress down to a regulation baseball. After the baseball throw with a 4 ounce ball. It’s very important to use the underweight ball to get the full benefits.

You can use these for diffrent backshaping drills or even on the mound (I’d be cautious with anything heavier than 6-7 oz. on the mound though). Most importantly have a goal in mind with using the balls. You can even radar your throws to see progress.

I started not too long ago with the weighted balls and have definately added velocity. Good luck!

The heavy balls will build strength but you need a light ball to help turn that strength into explosiveness. I have also read that the best balls to use are no more than + - 20% the weight of a real ball which means you would need a 4oz, 5oz, and 6oz ball. I have also seen people get results from the heavy balls so I guess try different weights and see what works best for your son.

The National Pitching Association (NPA) recommends using 4, 5 and 6oz balls for overload/underload training because anything heavier/lighter results is significantly different mechanics. (It’s why quarterbacks throw heavier footballs from the ear instead of extending the arm like pitchers do.)

The NPA also recommends that overload/underload training only be done after you’ve achieved good foundation fitness, joint stability, and sport-specific conditioning. In other words, it’s not a short-cut but a last resort.

This post has made it more than 4 replies without someone going against weighted balls???

now that’s called PROGRESS!

With all of the studies that have been done with overload underload training, I dont see how anyone could say that it doesnt work

In my opinion, 10 oz. and 12 oz. are far too heavy.

I use an 8 oz. ball and that took some getting used to, but it hasn’t ever given me problems. I also like to know I’m throwing something heavier, and the 6 oz. ball just doesn’t do that for me. Though, this is more of a personal preference than a suggestion. A “do as I say, not as I do” sort of thing. :lol:

Underweight baseballs are even more important, but it seems they are harder to come across. I see packages of 5-12 oz. balls and assortments of such 10x more than I see any packs that have a 4 oz. ball.

I decided to take a regulation ball and just drill holes in it. I roughly made sure they were evenly spread out as to make sure it wasn’t overly lopsided in terms of weight.

Heavy - light - regulation is the typical order for using them.

Has anyone found where you can buy 4 and 6 ounce balls? Or just the 4 oz ball for that matter. Links would be greatly appreciated