Towel Drill??

Next year im going to be a sophomore in high school and currently i throw in the low to mid 70s. I’ve heard that the towel drill can increase velocity from several pitchers but Dick mills from believes that in fact it only reduces velocity. Is it worth the risk and does it even work?

Haha I was just reading about the towel drill. I don’t think it will create more velocity. I think the only way its useful is to build good mechanics. I don’t think you should be hitting it on a bucket or whatever. I think its just a good way to work on mechanics without worring about slowing the arm action down if you don’t have a ball in your hand.

I could be totally wrong but thats my opinion.

The towel drill is not going to directly increase your velocity. It allows you to practice your mechanics and get in lots of reps without as much wear and tear on the arm as if you were to throw the baseball. Now, improved mechanics might get you some velocity.

I fail to see how the towel drill would reduce velocity. I think Mills’ claim is simply that time spent doing the towel drill is time NOT spent throwing the baseball at 100% effort. So, instead of reducing velocity, you’re just not increasing it as fast as you could - according to his theories.

How fast should you be doing the towell drill[/quote]

Full speed, just do your mechanics with a towel in your hand it just aids in resistence becuase your not throwing a baseball. But by all means if you can play catch with somebody go ahead and do that the towel drill is more of when you have no one to play catch with.

Yeah i understand thanks. Sometimes you have those days where your buds dont wanna play catch.

Well, practicing mechanics is a bit different than playing catch. You should do both daily. :wink:

Rite on, Thanks for the advice Roger

i believe in only a few of dick mills’ claims, and definetly not the one of throwing 100% will increase velocity, as it will just cause you inconsistencies (sp?) in your mechanics. the towel drill itself will not help with velocity but will help you in building solid mechanics. these mechanics are what help with your velocity.