Towel Drill

Is it effective? I started off using it to get stride longer but now i’m doing it daily. Is the towel drill beneficial or not?

What are the pros/cons?

Pros: Lets you practice your mechanics without much wear and tear on the arm. Gives you feedback if you mess up.

Cons: Isn’t any kind of magic bullet.

Beneficial? Depends. As with any drill, there needs to be a purpose - something that you want to work on. The drill has to fit the purpose. And you have to be committed to use the drill religiously and you have to use the drill properly.

I use the drill after my pitchers have worked on individual elements of their mechanics so they can get an awareness of putting all of the elements together (which is necessary to hit the target with the towel at the proper distance).

I guess as to whether it’s effective or not depends on how many times you’re going to throw a towel in a game. For me the best use of my practice time has always been to throw off a mound.


For me personally, I have never found anything that doesn’t involve actually throwing a baseball to be terribly helpful for me, but that could be just me. With all the towel drills I have done, I just found myself reverting to what I regularly do when I have a baseball in my hand, so any mechanical changes I have to take care of during a bullpen


Hey friend, to me the towel drill is very effective. Just like anything else, certain things help certain individuals while others do not. I do the towel drill on a regular basis. For me, it helps my stride length and helps me to reach out toward the plate. The greater the stride length the closer you are to that batter. I’m currently a senior in college and am being looked at by several MLB teams, I topped out at 86 in high school. Thanks to the towel drill, long toss, and band work; I now top at 96 as a 5’11" 170lb undersized right hander. Just keep doing your thing.


If you’d like you can check out my videos, maybe they will help. Best of luck