Towel Drill Mechanics

Here are my mechanics. Let me know if I should tweak something.


I think you look real good, David…but I definitely don’t like the mound you are using. You have a very nice long stride but it just can’t feel right to land on the front lip of that mound–half of your stride foot is on the mound and half is off it…if you end up compensating for that, even unconsciously, you may very well start letting the indoor mound change your mechanics.

What I used to do in my young days: I would work on flat ground when I was learning a new pitch or tweaking something with my mechanics, but I would always go to an unused playing field with a catcher in tow and work from a real mound. And in those days the mound height was 15 inches! No problem. You really should do likewise; I agree 100% that those portable or “fake” mounds are absolutely useless. There’s nothing like the real thing!