Tournament team

hey, this week there is going to be tournament team tryouts for my 14-15 year old team league.

they are gonna test us on pitching, hitting, and fielding

usually im a good player but when i get nervous, i cant even field a ground ball, or hit my spots when i pitch

do u guys have any tips on what to do to not get nervous, and make my self look better

You know what you’re capable of so have confidence in those abilities. Visualize yourself doing what you need to do right before doing it whether it be fielding a grounder, hitting a pitch, or throwing a pitch.

Stop right there. I have a couple of questions for you. Is this an individual tryout or a team effort? Now, I’m assuming you’re a pitcher, and a pretty decent one at that, with some good stuff. What do you usually do in game situations? How do you set yourself up to face opposing hitters, and how to pitch to them—how do you get them out? That should be the main objective for you—put yourself in a game situation. It should be just you and the catcher, and nothing else matters.
You need to find your most comfortable pitching delivery and work from that. Never mind what the coaches might say—half the time they don’t know a three-quarters delivery from their Aunt Flabby! You know, I had a pitching coach years ago—absolutely incredible; his basic idea was that every pitcher has a natural motion, and so what he did was to help that pitcher make the most of it—he would not under any circumstances mess around with it. (I was a natural sidearmer with a consistent release point.) So I’ll pass this along to you----find your natural delivery and use it.
And above all, relax. I have an idea that you would find that easiest to do in a game situation, so think of this whole business as a game situation—say, it’s the sixth inning and you have a four-run lead. You’ll be all right, and the rest of it—the fielding and all—will fall into place. So have fun, and best of luck for you and your team. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: 8)

thanks, when i tryout im gonna be hitting and pitching. Many will tryout and only 12 will make it… is there a way to impress the coaches

Hustle and show a positive attitude.