Tough outing

Yesterday I was having a hard time getting people out, I would get 2 strikes on them and it seemed like no matter where I would put it, they would get a hit, I think my biggest problem was my change up wasnt working, I don’t rely on my change up to get people out but I use it to set people up, I was just wondering what I should do in a situation like that?

Well Zach, I’m no expert but it seems to me you don’t utilize that sick curve of yours enough. I think maybe you use some of those other pitches and make sure to change location and change speeds if you can, even if it is your curve and not your change-up.

That happens to me every once in awhile but if a pitch isn’t workin for you on a certain day just stay away from it and get people out with the other pitches you have.

^ That’s what I’m trying to say.

Man I’ve thrown with you and I know you have a good curveball, in fact it’s better than when we set the machine up to throw them. So I would say use that a bunch when your change isn’t working.

I could always give you knuckleball lessons and you can give me fastball lessons. lol

Good morning to you, Pustulio.
Here’s a pertinent quote from Jim Brosnan, a very good relief pitcher with Cincinnati in the early 60s—he was trying to explain to another pitcher who had gotten shellacked that “You have other pitches to throw. Use them when your fast ball isn’t there.” But he might as well have been talking to the wall, because the other pitcher wasn’t listening, just moaning over and over "Without my fast ball I can’t pitch."
And here’s a pertinent quote from my pitching coach of many moons ago: he told me once that just about any pitch I threw could be turned into a nice changeup. I would do that from time to time, and it gave me dozens of extra pitches, all in the service of setting batters up for the pitch I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” (a slider with a very sharp break). Your friend might try that sometimes—if his straight change isn’t working, he could experiment with turning another pitch into a changeup.
By the way—how many different varieties of knuckleball can you throw? Just curious. :slight_smile:

Well I really just throw the traditional unpredictable one. But, you can throw a corkscrew one if you pronate at the last possible moment your fingers are on the ball and it is actually pretty controllable. There are probably other ways to manipulate the small rotations on the ball for the air to make it do specific things, however I believe in it being so unpredictable that I don’t know what it’ll do.

The knuckleball can do all sorts of weird things. I’ll list the movements that I’ve seen from mine and others:

  1. Dance
  2. Diving to one side
  3. 2 different directions in mid flight
  4. Corkscrew
  5. Surge
  6. Screeching decceleration
  7. Camel hump (up then down)
  8. Most knucks have a big drop too

Numbers 4, 5, and 6 are very rare I have thrown a few that do that myself, those tend to be the nastiest ones. Mine are mostly a whole bunch of small flutters usually, but never in the same pattern.

what were your 2 strike pitches? were they wastes? if your change isn’t working to well usually u still get the speed to drop off even if it don’t move. try throwing a bad change as a first pitch strike. likleyhood they’ll swing is cut in half(at least the first time through). if your 2strike pitch is another strike then try wasting pitches, like a down and out curve of fastball up and in. if you got a decent fastball the 2strike up and in is a great 3 strike pitch because there comiting but also getting out of way helps them overcomit. doesn’t work every time but a suggestion.

I would try just about everything, in the past the team we were facing struggled with high fastballs but they hit that, they only hit one curve but the catcher we have can’t really block a ball in the dirt so its kind of hard to throw one up there when you dont really trust your catcher, I know I should have thrown it anyways but I dont like throwing a pitch that I dont have confidence in because then I tend to hang it, the ump was kind of inconsistent and wouldn’t give me anything on the outside part of the plate, and his zone kept moving up and down.

I can remember one time i came in in relief for and inning and the second or third pitch i threw was a knuckleball and i just wasnt feelin it so instead of tryin to throw it more i didnt throw it anymore and threw my curveball more and my curve was the nastiest its ever been. so if a pitch isnt workin someday just stay away from it.

Just throw the eephus. lol

I throw it sometimes just messin around at my house but im horrible at it it always ends up landin in the batters box lol u should make a video of your eephus

Mine’s not all that great either. Sometimes I can get it around the plate though.

It’s a lot harder pitch to throw than what it looks lol