Tough Game

We had such a heartbreaking loss today… First game of the playoffs, and we were the 26th seed out of 32 teams. We played the number 7 seed. We started off really horrible and they got off to a 3-0 lead. But then our hitting caught fire in the third and we got a couple runs. Going into the 5th we were down 3-2, and our 9th hitter walked. Then our lead off hitter comes up and hits a bomb. Probably one of the furthest home runs I’ve ever seen. But then in the bottom of the sixth they got a lead off walk, and our shortstop made an error… They ended up taking a 4-5 lead. We went down 1,2,3 in the 7th and that was it… We came so so close, but we just couldn’t pull it out.
Their pitcher was a stud too, he’s going to San Diego State next year.

After the game most of our seniors broke down, and it was really emotional.
I’m going to work my a$$ off in summer ball and this off-season so we can get past the first round next year.

Does anyone have any stories about a really close or emotional game that you lost?


We played a game that if we won were guaranteed 3rd in the division.

After the top of the first we were down 5-0. Our leadoff hitter cracks a home run and starts off a 4 run rally. Bottom 3rd one of our 2 seniors hits an absolute bomb with a runner on 2nd. Easily carried 400+ feet. Bottom 5th the score we were down 8-7. Our junior pitcher nuts one with a runner on 3rd. Clean line drive that didn’t start dropping until it was over the fence. 6th inning was uneventful, and then we blew our lead in the top 7th, and ended up losing the game 10-8.

Not too long ago we play the 4 time defending conference champs and took them into 10 innings and lost 5-4. We had many chances to win but in the bottom of the 9th there was 2 outs and a runner on third and I was up to bat and I hit a hard line drive that I thought when it came off the bat would win the game but the shortstop pulled one out of his butt and layed out to get it and robbed me of the game winning hit. I was so mad when he did that.

My idea of a tough game—and believe me, I had plenty of those in my day—is the tight pitcher’s duel where the opposing pitcher is matching you every step of the way and the score is 0-0 all the way to the ninth inning and even beyond, into extra innings. It’s a game where one run on either side will win it, where not only the pitchers but their defenses have to be on their toes, no way they can let up. (I recall one game where the opposing guy was matching me pitch for pitch, the strikeouts were piling up on both sides and there were plenty of ground balls—however, in the seventh inning my teammates got me a run, and I held that lead the rest of the way to win it 1-0. And frankly, I almost liked that one better than the blowouts I was used to. 8)

Well I have a good game too. I played with the second team of my town (with adults, here in germany it’s a lil’ bit different), they play in the 3rd league (like double-a). It was a doubleheader and we lost the first game 11 to 0. In the break our coach came to me and said " You gonna start the next game". Well I started it off with a 1-2-3 inning, and we had a pretty good offensive day, so we could go into the second inning with a 2-0 lead. Then I got out of a bases-loaded trouble. I kept the game scoreless until the 4th inning, when the defense made 3 or 4 errors and I gave up a couple of hits. It was a 5-5 game, I pitched a scoreless 5th, and in the 6th the defense made errors again and it was 7 to 7. I got a K, and then, after 5 1/3 innings pitched and no earned run, the coach took me off from the mound, saying I reached 70 pitches and he didn’t want me to pitch more. My arm was feeling alright, I got a wicked Curve and a really good Circle Change, and a devastating heat. Well, our reliever ended up with 3 hit by pitches, a lot of hits… and we lost the game 12 to 7 after 7 innings