Tough game, pitched bad

saturday i relief pitched in a JV game (i’m a freshman LHP) and did the worst i’ve done in my life. only pitched about 6-8 strikes and walked around 5 batters. I was hoping to ask my pitching coach to make me a pitcher only so i can focus more on pitching (i’ve only gotten in 4 out of 8 games, all as a pitcher, and threw well in the other 3) but im sceptic about what he will say after the game. anyone have any advice on recovering mentally from a bad game?

My son is a sophomore and in not just my opinion but several others he is our #3 pitcher behind our 2 seniors. For what I think is politics he doesn’t get to throw a lot. A few games back he threw against the coach that has been helping him some and really sucked it up. It was his worst game but he probably learned more in that game than in any other. A lot of guys here smarter than me but I would say as long you are learning every outing you will be OK.

Have a short memory take what you can from the game to learn on and make yourself better and then forgert about it.

Everyone has bad outings, just be sure to work hard so that the same mistakes aren’t done again.

Go ahead and talk to your PC this might be the best time to approach him. Go up and tell him you want to focus on becoming a pitcher and you think that by doing this it will give you more time to physically and mentally prepare.

My son is a freshman lefty…like PP said…short memory…every pitcher has a bad day, all of em…your young and a lefty so you got time and should get alot more chances…out work everyone around you…also I wouldnt as young as you are focus on pitching only…you need a backup plan if pitching doesnt work out…just my opinion…like I said plenty of time…freshman on JV use it as a chance to get better and improve your entire game…and remember its still just a game, a kids game…have fun with it