Touching 75 after throwing all winter

My 8th grader hit his max over the weekend. Hit 75 several times and after three shutout innings was pulled, which is fine by me, by his coach. Didn’t surrender a run and felt like going the distance. I didn’t tell him until we got home about his reading, which were taken by the opposing team. I just asked about how he felt and how the day went. He knew he pitched well but he also said there were a couple of pitches that just felt right." everything was going good" he says. I told him what he thought he was hitting , " maybe 71 or 72". Needless to say he was on cloud 9 on what he accomplished. The best part was surrendering 1 hit and allowing 1 walk. Something we have been working on very , very , hard.

After reviewing the tape we noticed that he was getting the first pitch fastball low and away. After that he was pretty much locating very well. Also , another thing I noticed was that he was opening his front shoulder early in his last two outings, something that he also worked on from his last game. :lol:

Arm felt great after the game and this morning no soreness. :lol:

Congrats. Nice job.