Total body increase

hey guys whats up.

I was wondering about a question that i once heard from someone on this forum or some other place.

I heard that after your baseball season you are suppose to give yourself a 3month rest from baseball. Does this mean no long toss or what.

I was thinking that as soon as our offseason begans the day after i will began my strength program. Is this okay or should i take 3 months off after the season.

Also i plan on going from 165 lbs to 185lbs. Will this have a decrease in my fastball velocity. I want to gain more mass so i can get noticced by colleges better and also so i am stronger and throw harder.

I would say maybe 3 WEEKS. Not months by any means. You just need a break. Most if it is mental. Spring/Summer take a lot out of you both mentally and physically.

I would recommend taking a vacation or even just relaxing for the first time in a while. Once thats done, start a routine. Your goal in the off season is to build the eventual strength you are going to want to MAINTAIN during the season. Lift to get stronger, throw to throw harder, sprint to run faster.

There are 10000000 threads on this forum dedicated to getting stronger. KyleB has some of the best input, as well as LankyLefty. Read, learn, grow. I like that you have already set a body goal, now you need to find out where that 20 pounds should go, how to get it, and then, when the season starts coming up, you can learn how to utilize it. If you need any tips let us know a lot of us are happy to help.

thx alot dude. Ya as for baseball i will do absolutely anything to become a better pitcher. I have always loved fitness and lifting weights. Their is one problem though. I love to long toss and to run sprints the only problem is that i live in Alberta and during october even their is sometimes snow on the ground up to about march or april. So ya what i was thinking is to put a portable mound in my basement and just go over and over my mechanics every single day maybe 100-150times every day.

With perfect mechanics should lead to faster speed right. Just putting this out their. Do you think this will work or what else do you think i should do being that i live in alberta. And trying to find a gym is very hard thing to do.