Tossing a football

i’ve heard that tossing a football can increase arm strentgh since it weights more than a baseball, and i also heard that it can make you mechanically better since throwing a spiral requires near perfect mechanics, what are other peoples thoughts about this?

i htought it was bad because you release it sort of like a really bad slider?

Actually, it’s the opposite.

To put spin on a football you have to pronate the forearm (ala a screwball) which helps to protect the forearm. The throw a slider you have to supinate the forearm.

And throwing a football can help you develop your arm.

We always warm up with a football after stretching with J Bands. We toss the ball around for about 10 minutes before picking up the regulation baseball. Really gets the arm and soulder loose before throwing. ALso after we are done I have my son run routes sometimes instead of sprints. It’s a pretty good workout and routine before and after throwing the ball around.

If Nolan Ryan did it I think it would help and not hinder your throwing. 8)

Would tossing a football for kids 8-10 years old good before picking up a ball?