Torso Flexion

Does anyone here teach their pitchers how to properly flex their back or the timing of their back flexion with regards to foot plant and finishing out in front?

One common problem I see with young pitchers is that they either get stuck throwing upright, or have a tendency to overcompensate by diving forward with their torso too early not allowing for the full benefits of the arm action. I would be interested to hear some thoughts on this…

I don’t teach the flexion part but I do teach the set-up for it. This set-up consists of having the low back arched in a momentary isometric load with head and upper spine upright. Getting to this position requires other things to happen properly as well. I use specific drills that put pitchers in this position for feel and strength.

My suspicion is that pitchers to flex early were probably taught to try to finish with a flat back. How you finish is, to me, more a result of other things. Good posture, good momentum, good glove-side management will allow you to finish with good flexion, IMHO.