Torn Rotator Cuff

Alright guys haven’t posted in a while due to me not being able to pitch. I got hurt during a winter game, where when I was at first and went to steal second I slid into second and my arm caught on the base. Doctors tried physical therapy for a few months but there was minimal progression. So on Thursday, May 13 I am getting arthroscopic surgery. I just wanted to know how long it might take for me to get back to pitching. Any advice or support would be appreciated. Oh and I can’t believe I got an injury from being on base where I usually never am.

Healing and rehab is up to you, shoulders take the longest, so it of critical import that you do as the docs say and don’t push it, except at the pace you are told. Some shoulders take as long as 2 years before everything is working right and pain free again.
Believe in your future and work hard man!
As my good friend Coach Baker points out…no belief in luck…so my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

That is a great site for rehab and injury questions, Dr. Fliesig is a great guy and will answer your questions too. Just be aware there are a couple of Marshallites on that site who will insult your method of delivery…ignore em.

Just a quick update, turned out it was a little more complicated then just a torn rotator cuff it was also the labrum. But the surgery went well and I should be able to start throwing again in about September if I keep doing my Physical therapy.

Stick to the program to the letter. Work hard, be patient.

Good luck with the rehab!

Best of luck Zambo.