Torn hamstring


I’m a 6’4 225 pound RHP I was drafted out of highschool but then was talked into going to juco by a coach where my freshman year I tore my hamstring and pitched 7 games on it to get us to the juco World Series where we finished 2nd in the nation in highschool my velo topped out at 93 and I crused 88 to 91 I’m a sophomore now and I’m struggling I have topped out at 87 this year and I’m crusing about 84 to 86 which is weird cause last year with the torn hamy I was still throwing around 91 but now after the recovery and therapy I can’t get this velo back I throw long toss 6 days a week and I do weighted balls 3 times a week also I have been lifting in my legs to regain strength and I am even stronger now so anyone have any advice or understanding of when or if my velo will come back or something I can do to help


I hope high school guys reading these recent posts are picking up on a theme…I went to college and lost velocity. This is the problem with cookie cutter programs and coaches willful ignorance. It is very common.
I would ask about mechanical changes, maybe not intentional, that occurred after the injury. My son hurt his elbow skiing and pitched dinged up senior year of HS. He didnt have much pain but developed a habit of throwing across his body after his elbow. The body will compensate for injury, weakness or instability. I would ask about weigh loss. Just a couple of ideas.