Torn Bicep

I tore my bicep when I was 12 from pitching… is there anyway I can be throwing over 95? Im a 16 y.o junior 5’9" 190lbs. Let me know

Depends on your work ethic, if you BS’d your way through physical therapy and rehab throwing, your probably gonna get hurt again. Do you think you can throw 95? Whatever your answer is, that’s your answer, don’t let someone tell you otherwise.

When i had labrum surgery my Senior year of HS by surgeon told me I’d never throw again. Almost 2 years later I’m throwing as hard as I ever had. Make your own destiny, don’t listen to someone else.

Yes I do think I can throw that hard because I put in 110% in the offseason but even my coaches tell me to hang it up

If you’re worried about how it healed up make an appointment and get it reevaluated.

There’s a lot of factors that go both ways for being able to or not being able to throw 95